RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association

Hayabusa Club

Welcoming the Hayabusa Club to RAVSTASS and the Hardwood Sports brand. 

RAVSTASS like your club are a volunteer sports association, we have a passion for quality customised clothing. We understand how frustrating collecting payments and processing orders for club members is. We have perfected the ordering process. You will note here, that we have created for you, your own Hayabusa Club page. All of your designs will appear here, for your orders to purchase online. Once your designs are set by your committee, there is no more committee work required. 

We do however, have minimum order quanitites (MOQ), these are unavoidable for customised clothing. Full details of our MOQ handling is listed here. Further details including, price list, our order process, and FAQ's are listed here as well

Start now!

To begin designing your gear, please email your design brief to clothing@ravstass.com

Type of product: Polo Shirt / T-Shirt / Hoodie, etc
Main colour: 
Secondary colours: 
Tertiary colours: 

Logos: Placement of logos (Include attachments with high quality logos files) 

Description: Provide as much detail as you like, sketches etc.