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Duty Statements

Supervision Manage Valley Division
Mentor a Division 
Manage a Division
Mentor a
Manage a Division
Mentor a
Manage a Division
Mentor a
Grow External Influence Internal Interactions Growing Membership Building Resources
Targets * Add one team each season in competitions in which we compete, to cater to different standards. Where beneficial invite existing teams seeking to come under the administration of RAVSTASS to transfer under our association. 

* Deepen Divisional Manager network with assistants. 

* Double the come and try activities in 2016 and 2017, then consolidate into routine cycle for 2018

* Develop come and try interest into regular teams for competition.

* Coaches to be dual hatted as mentors, with view to upskilling participants for adding future teams, rather than their own replacement. 
* Double membership in 2016 to 300. 

* Increase membership in 2017 to 400

* Consolidate membership in 2018 to natural increases and rebalance committee for rescaling and funding infrastructure.

* Increase membership in 2019 to 600.

* 5% of membership be maintained as Comrade Members 

* 1% of membership be maintained as Senior Members
* Fully functioning hire services on offer in 2018 to our membership, both to access themselves and to obtain hire income on their surplus assets.

* Own and control infrastructure by 2019 suited to multiple activities as base for routine operations. 

Meeting minutes are made available on dropbox
Previous Committee Members listed here
Rules of Association found here

8 Review Sponsorship Letter and Release to Membership Treasurer
Out of Session Identify a location for Go Karting, in order that owner drivers can use facility without joining a club. Consider Go Kart Shops to spread message.  Vice-President
5 Notify requirement to teams that poor conduct in competitions is to be reported to Elected Committee for Review at Next Meeting (Refer Rule 5.4 for subsequent actions) Vice-President Complete
5 Develop a Member Conduct Policy. (Since meeting found that Rule 5.4 defines frame of reference and outlines process) Committee Complete
5 Creation of a new RAVSTASS Rock-climbing team President Due 2017
5 Requirement for auditors investigated Treasurer Complete
5 Guidelines developed for promotion of Senior Members added to Rules of Association Committee Complete
5 Social Members Appointed Committee roles Committee Complete
4 Creation of new RAVSTASS netball team Jayden Agars Complete
4 Promotion of External Come n Try Days Secretary Complete
4 Facilities Plan: Goal of Training Facility 
2019 05 31 
2017 10 03 
Committee Due 2017
4 Build 1st Aid Survival Kit Treasurer Due 31Jan17
4 Amend bank signatories Treasurer Due 31Jan17
4 Make website user-friendly on mobile devices Treasurer Complete
4 Create a Facebook Big 4 Message Thread Secretary Complete
4 Activity Sign-on Sheet with Disclaimer Secretary Complete
4 Partnerships with relevant businesses Marketing Mgr Due 28Feb17
4 Grow assets to $10 K, $3.5 cash Treasurer Due 30Jun17
4 Add Divisional Awards Vice-President Due 2017
4 Add 'All Rounder' Award Secretary Complete
2 Develop Strategic Plan via Duty Statements Committee Complete
2 Opening of Bank Accounts Treasurer/Prez Complete
1 Incorporation of Association Public Officer Complete