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RAVSTASS Fee Policy 
Participating in sport usually requires registration fees to be paid by the athlete to the competition organiser directly, prior to commencing season in order to be insured. RAVSTASS also incurs some further costs, however we are able to provide some flexibility, within the following limits: 
1. Due date: RAVSTASS Fees are due by the 1/2 way point of current season. 
2. Limitations: Should RAVSTASS Fees not be paid after the 1/2 way point of season, the player may be refused opportunity to play, including finals. 
3. Exclusion: If RAVSTASS Fees remain owing at end of season, then the player will not be re-registered for future seasons, until rectified. 
4. Exchange: If the player is unable to repay RAVSTASS Fees and does not wish to continue playing at this time, they may trade their uniform (if owned and in good condition) to the RAVSTASS Treasurer to have their fees debt cleared. 

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RAVSTASS Basketball Team Fees
Basketball Team Fees are paid once Annually and cover Summer Season 2021/22 & Winter Season 2022. If you play in multiple competitions, please pay respective fees for the competition/league that you most regularly play in. See drop-down on payment page RAVSTASS Basketball Team Fees. The following basketball players are confirmed to have paid their RAVSTASS Basketball Team Fees for the current season (as at 1800 hrs 01May2022): 

Agars, Jayden 
Agars, Samuel 
Bailey, Simone 
Barton, Alisha 
Billing, Jake 
Buhagiar, Daniel 
Daniel, Liam 
de Bruin, Joel 
Distura, Sophia 
Elliott, Rowan 
Farley, Shaun 
Furnell, Dylan 
Giffen, Brad 
Harding, Jordan 
Harrison, Jeff 
Harrison, Michael 
Johncock, Corin 
Kerezsi, Alex 
Marks, Alexander 
Muehlberg, Sam 
Muehlberg, Tim 
Payne, Henry 
Penny, Josh 
Rossiter, Dean 
Rossouw, Daniel 
Scott, Kurt 
Sullivan, Jake 
Tate, Daryl 
Wright, Dylan 
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