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1938 South Aust GP


1938 South Aust GP

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1938 South Australian Grand Prix (featuring Ern Muehlberg)

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The 13.92 km (8.65 miles) Lobethal road circuit hosted the 1939 Australian Grand Prix and the 1938 South Australian Grand Prix. The first race was held there in 1937. Ern Muehlberg was a prominent South Australian racer who entered two motorbikes (No 1 & 3) for the 100 mile Senior and the Australian Senior T.T. event. Ern was best known for his classic duels against Les Fredericks on dirt track oval circuits such as Camden Motordrome.
This publication is packed with well preserved images and newspaper clippings. An insightful snapshot of racing in the circa WW2 era. 

9" x 7", casewrap-hardcover binding , white interior paper (100# weight) , full-colour interior ink , white exterior paper (100# weight), full-colour exterior ink.