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Become a Preferred Supplier

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RAVSTASS is South Australia's only independent multi-sport association, consisting of eight divisions; River, Air, Valley, Sea, Track, Aim, Snow & Stadium. Launched in 2015 we continue to grow, and our members are rapidly buying equipment, clothing, services & vehicles to grow and sustain their participation. 
We seek to provide our members a discount arrangement through businesses we use and recommend. If your business has a loyalty discount program, we would like to pass on this benefit to our RAVSTASS members via our discount cards. Our discount cards are individually issued with members name, membership number and a 12 month expiry date (example left). 
* Advantages for our Members. Need only hold one discount card to access a range of quality suppliers. 
* Advantages for RAVSTASS. We can be confident our members are channelled toward businesses we recommend; thereby encouraging safety, reliability and quality; in all their clothing, gear, services and equipment needs. 
* For Your Business. Saves $$$ on administering your loyalty program as the discount card cost is borne by us. As RAVSTASS promotes the expansion of members activities, there is no cannibalising of your existing business. All our business is new demand. Our members are highly valuable to your future profits. 

Our demographics below....
Should your business wish to join our discount scheme, please send your company logo and social media links, for us to re-publish on our sites. Please email our Treasurer treasurer@ravstass.com 

To: treasurer@ravstass.com 
Subject: RAVSTASS Discount Partner – [Your Business Name]
Attach: Your business logo
We agree to offer ____ % discount to members on presentation of their RAVSTASS Member Discount Card and in return request to be a preferred supplier. Our social media links are.... 

On behalf of the RAVSTASS committee, thank you for your time and beginning a partnership with our membership.