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Just follow these steps to become a Social Member today . . . . 

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In applying for membership I ACKNOWLEDGE that there are inherent dangers associated with RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association Inc (RAVSTASS) activities and my participation in the activities, and that serious accidents can and do often happen which may result in me being injured. I DECLARE that I am medically and physically fit and free from impairment and able to participate in RAVSTASS activities. To the full extent permitted by law, I agree to ABSOLVE AND INDEMNIFY RAVSTASS, its committee members and officers and employees from and against any and all liability for injury, loss or damage however caused arising out of my participation in RAVSTASS activities. I agree to RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE RAVSTASS from all claims that I may have or may have had but for this release arising from my participation in the activity. I AUTHORISE RAVSTASS to arrange medical or hospital treatment (including, without limitation, ambulance transportation) if I am not available to do so and I INDEMNIFY RAVSTASS for all costs associated therewith. AGREE that RAVSTASS retains the right to utilise images of my participation in activities for the purpose of promoting RAVSTASS, RAVSTASS programs and events. By APPLYING for MEMBERSHIP I declare I have read, understood and ACCEPT the above declaration including the warning, release and indemnity. 
Any questions please contact us