RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association

Sports Vouchers

SPORTS VOUCHERS (South Australia)
Sports Vouchers provides up to $100 to assist with the costs of sports:

1. Check Eligibility: Read www.sportsvouchers.sa.gov.au/how-to-use-voucher/ 

2. Supported Sports: RAVSTASS is currently able to recognise Sports Vouchers for Junior Basketballers competing in the Murray Bridge Basketball Assocation (MBBA).  

3. Registration: Normal process is via the Rego link on our Teams listing www.ravstass.com/collections/teams 
Note that the normal registration process and full up-front cost still applies, since this is often an external website. As we do not control all cost components, we cannot offer the full amount of discount up front. If we were to offer discount up front it would only be for some fee components and thereby diminish your entitlement. By processing your refund after registration, we are able to maximise your Voucher benefit. 

4. Download Voucher: Fill-in the Sports Vouchers registration form available from www.sportsvouchers.sa.gov.au/how-to-use-voucher/Note that the Medicare # is the child's and is critical for a successful application. 

5. Email Voucher: Send the form to treasurer@ravstass.com and include in the email your bank details to enable refund of your registration fees or $100 whichever is lesser: 
    BSB#: must be six (6) digits 
    ACC#: maximum of nine (9) digits 
    Title: Name account held in 

6. Patience: Please note that we are a volunteer committee and we can only forward refund after we receive authorisation from the Sports Vouchers team.