RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association

Bring your sports team into RAVSTASS

Do you manage a sports team? 
We know the difficulties of organising players, uniforms, registrations, cash-handling and incessantly reminding people. 

RAVSTASS can help you! 
We would like to give you a helping hand, because it is motivated individuals like you who bring people together, provide fitness & opportunities and most importantly, foster teamwork which is the foundation of all strong communities. 

Teams we are looking for, include: 
RAVSTASS Kayaking Team to compete in the Massive Murray Paddle
RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Teams to compete in the SA Masters Games
RAVSTASS Running Team
to compete in the City-Bay Fun Run. 
RAVSTASS Skydiving Team 
to compete in the APF National Championships
 to compete in the MS Mighty Swim

RAVSTASS is a growing Incorporated Multi-Sport Association offering the opportunity for independent teams to operate through us. We have a unique structure of eight divisions, meaning that every conceivable sport can be managed under our umbrella. 

We have the following structure to support your team: 
Roles defined for Captains, Coaches, Managers, Trainers & Players. 
design and uniform procurement managed in-house. 
page for Schedules, Registration, Fees, Uniforms, Roles.  
Marketplace free listing of equipment, vehicles and books
Social Media
links for cross-promotion of your activities. 
catalogued on the Honour Board
managed funds and monthly reports. 
through our Rules of Assocation
Tutorial library on our YouTube
Event listing and checklists
Leadership structure
Custom sports page
Risk Management
Discount Card
Values defined
Joining is free > www.ravstass.com/#Join 

To bring your team into RAVSTASS, just send us a message. We are here to help you, and together grow our association!