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Mark Ferdinands - President. Member of RAVSTASS since 2015. Fonz is the Managing Director Cinderellas Commercial Cleaning and has approximately 6o+ staff. Fonz supplies cleaning services and cleaning products to the commercial sector. Fonz has achieved over $12 million dollars in sales, $20,000 in one week cleaning up after the 2007 fires on Kangaroo Island for the State Government, acquired a Diploma of Management and is a semi-professional musician playing drums in 3 of Adelaide’s party bands. Fonz once played to over 35,000 people at AAMI Stadium. Fonz was the Inaugural President of BNI A-Team (currently the number one Chapter in the SA Region), is a highly respected member of the BNI Million Dollar Club and holds Gold Card and Diamond Pin status – one of only 5 members in the entire SA region to hold this status. Fonz was the first member to give over $1M dollars of Closed Business to fellow business members. Fonz is ex Royal Australian Navy, has an Australian Defence Medal and still maintains Standby Reserve status with the RAN. Through his business interests, Fonz sponsors Greyhound Racing SA, grass roots footy, the Channel 9 League, Sturt Football Club and the Women’s Division in the SAAFL. Fonz enjoys soccer, afl, tennis, golf, athletics, kayaking, table tennis, shooting and outdoor adventures. Fonz has paddled the Murray River Marathon 5 times and has been a comrade member of RAVSTASS since 2017. 

Tim Muehlberg JP - Vice President. Founder of RAVSTASS, Tim's first passion was basketball where he developed clubs and associations within the Air Force and later while studying at UniSA served as the President of UniSA Basketball. While Finance Manager for the UniSA Student Association, he developed systems for administering over 100 clubs. Upon returning to Air Force service overseas in the Middle-East, he then laid the foundations for RAVSTASS as an Independent Multi-Sport Association, in order to channel everyone's efforts into a single entity. Also a passionate motorcyclist, since forming RAVSTASS Tim has become a skydiver and scuba diver, while also enjoying Archery, Kayaking, Go Karting, Rock Climbing, Slacklining, Golf and flies Light Sports Aircraft. 

Chris Dalmazzo - Secretary. Member since 2015, Chris has been heavily involved in the establishment of RAVSTASS Golf and is a dedicated motorcyclist on Ride days. Chris’s ties to RAVSTASS go back a decade to UniSA Motorsports days where he showed enthusiasm, support and dedication, even though he was not a UniSA student. Chris’s passion for socialising mixed with his hunger for adrenaline has led him to dip his toes into many of the sports RAVSTASS has to offer, from Motorcycling, Golf and Go-Karting, right through to Ice Skating. 

Dr Robert Brooks - Treasurer. Formation member of RAVSTASS since 2015, Dr Brooks also serves as the CEO of Slackline Australia. Previously Rob served as President of the UniSA Rock Climbing Club which won numerous Club of the Year Awards, while he also represented the University in Hockey, whilst studying Chemistry. Rob's passion is in Rock Climbing and Bouldering, also enjoying Archery, Jet Skiing, Ice Skating, Kayaking and Surfing. 

Committee History

Year Meeting President  Vice-Prez Secretary Treasurer
2019-20 #8 Mark Ferdinands Tim Muehlberg [P] Chris Dalmazzo Dr Robert Brooks
2017-19 #7 Dr Robert Brooks Tim Muehlberg [P]
2016-17 #5 Dr Robert Brooks Cameron Agars Pia Sadler-Eriksson Tim Muehlberg [P]
2015-16 #3 Dr Robert Brooks Terri Strous Tim Muehlberg [P] Steve Nicolacopoulos
2015 #1 Tim Muehlberg [P] Lana Bartkowski Will Howie  Steve Nicolacopoulos

[P] = Public Officer
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Meeting History 

Meeting# Date Type Highlights
9 Fri 30 Oct 2020 Annual General Meeting To be held
Fri 30 Oct 2020 at 5pm 
Wellington Hotel, North Adelaide
8 Fri 08 Mar 2019 Annual General Meeting Elections, Promotions, Senior Member Guidelines, & Discount Card Issuing. 
7 Sat 09 Dec 2017 Annual General Meeting Elections, Promotions.
6 Fri 16 Dec 2016 Committee Meeting Resignation, Elections, Marketing Plan.
5 Sat 05 Nov 2016 Annual General Meeting Elections, Promotions, Senior Member Guidelines & Player Conduct.
4 Tue 27 Sep 2016 Committee Meeting Awards Night, AGM Planning & Goal setting.
3 Sat 21 Nov 2015 Annual General Meeting Promotions, Elections.
2 Tue 26 May 2015 Committee Meeting Bank Accounts, Strategic Plan.
1 Fri 10 Apr 2015  Formation General Meeting  Pre-Incorporation, Elections, Rules of Association.


24 Aug 2020
RAVSTASS Business Name is registered with the ASIC. 
30 Jul 2020
MoU transferred Hardwood Sports (HDWD) Apparel brand to RAVSTASS. 
21 May 2020
RAVSTASS is 5 Years Old. 
08 Mar 2019
5th Committee Installed, at Meeting #8. 
09 Dec 2017
4th Committee Installed, at Meeting #7. 
05 Nov 2016
3rd Committee Installed, at Meeting #5. 
21 Nov 2015
2nd Committee Installed, at Meeting #3. 
21 May 2015
RAVSTASS MULTI-SPORT ASSOCIATION INC is registered in South Australia under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 (South Australia)
10 Apr 2015
RAVSTASS Formation General Meeting is held. 
1st Committee Installed, at Meeting #1. 
01 Jan 2015 
RAVSTASS ABN 84 391 163 868 is Activated with the ATO. 
26 Nov 2013
RAVSTASS concept is Created.