RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association

Post Activity Report

Following conduct of an activity/event or at conclusion of a season, organiser(s) are invited to submit a Post Activity Report to assist in the continual development of activities. Suggested items for inclusion in report are: 

Participation Numbers
Participant Feedback:
Achievements: Were there any individual/team achievements to add to the page ravstass.com/pages/honourboard?
Future Plans:
Any other comments: 
Safety Concerns
Incident Reports: Are there any to be expected? 
Recommendations for Improvement:
Financial Performance 
Please add any relevant imagery, or email to ravstass@gmail.com 
* Add phone images to instagram.com/ravstass and/or use #RAVSTASS 
* Add video to youtube.com/RAVSTASS
* Add and tag quality images to relevant album at facebook.com/RAVSTASS 

Media Releases 
From: Appointed Coach/Captain/Manager/Trainer 
To: See relevant contacts below 
Cc: ravstass@ravstass.com on all media releases 
Attach: High Quality Images (best 3 pictures if possible) 

Adelaide East Herald - office@murraypioneer.com.au - 08 8586 8000 
Adelaide Hills Herald (incl Murray Bridge) - joe.schwab@hillsherald.com.au - 8339 0000 
The Border Times (Pinnaroo) office@murraypioneer.com.au - 08 8586 8000  
The Bunyip (Barossa & Gawler) office@murraypioneer.com.au - 08 8586 8000 
The Murray Pioneer – Riverland office@murraypioneer.com.au - 08 8586 8000