RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association


RAVSTASS Requests for Quote (RFQ). 

All RFQ responses are requested to please include the following: 
1. Minimum order quantity. 
2. Price per unit (including shipping to Australia). 
3. Production time. 
4. Design options. 
5. Design examples. 
6. Template for submitting custom design. 
7. email RFQ response(s) to treasurer@ravstass.com

RAVSTASS is currently seeking expressions of interest from suppliers to the following RFQ's: 

Multi-Sport Helmet 
Design Requirements: Suited to cycling, rock climbing, snow skiing. 
Quality: Meet relevant AS/NZS ISO Product Safety Standards. 

Multi-Sport Pants 
Design Requirements:  Suited to motorcycling and skydiving. 
Examples: Motorcross pants & Skydiving Swoop Pants

Vinyl Printed Decals 
Design Requirements: As per previous example