RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association


RAVSTASS Quality Management System (QMS) is comprised of the following supporting Management Systems: 

Governance Management System 
Rules of AssociationAGM Proxy Form Committee Meeting Minutes > Committee Duties > Manual > Milestones 

Financial Management System 
Coding > Monthly Reports > Annual Reports Committee Meeting Minutes 

Revenue Management System 
Coding > Fees > Apparel > Merchandise > Book ShopDiscount Card > Grants > Donations > Income Statement 

Asset Management System 
Coding > Asset Register > Balance Sheet 

Document Management System 
Committee > Google Drive > Google Shared Folders > Website Documents > Manuals 

Video Management System 
Committee > Google Drive > Google Shared Imagery > Instagram > TikTok > YouTube > Vimeo 

Imagery Management System 
Committee > Google Drive > Google Shared ImageryFB Page Albums > Instagram > Twitter 

Brand Management System 
Style GuideGoogle Shared Logos > Google Shared Video Intros 

Leadership Management System 
Social Members > TeamsDutiesLeader Development 

Promotion Management System 
Social MembersComrade Members > Senior Members 

Performance Management System 
External Training > Individual TrainingStrava > Log Book > Achievements 

Employment Management System 
Leader Development > Internal Hire > Jobs > LinkedIn Group 

Communication Management System (External Aspects) 
FB Page > Instagram > Twitter > TikTok > YouTube > Vimeo > LinkedIn Page 

Communication Management System (Internal Aspects) 
FB Group > FB Group TopicsFB Group ChatsFB Msg Threads 

Knowledge Management System 
Divisions > YouTube Tutorials > Wiki 

Team Management System 
Building Teams > Teams > Duties > FeesGrants > Honour Board > Portraits 

Event Management System 
Event PlanningEvents > Weekly EventsBuilding Teams > Post Activity Reports > Honour Board 

Individual Management System 
Social Members > Athlete Support Program > Supported AthletesGrants > Honour Board 

Risk Management System 
Risks > Incident Reports > Post Activity Reports 

Feedback Management System 
Incident Reports > Post Activity Reports > QMS Feedback > AGM Proxy Form 

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