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SA Amateur Basketball League (SAABL
Registration and Fees is through RAVSTASS. 
Games are played at Prince Alfred College & St Peters College.  
RAVSTASS Ravens Div 2 Men
Game Schedule: Saturdays 
Team Coach: Steve Nicolacopoulos 
Team Captain: Steve Nicolacopoulos 
Team Manager: Steve Nicolacopoulos 
Team Trainer: Vacant 
RAVSTASS Leprechauns Div 3 Men 
Team Coach: John Spooner 
Team Captain: Nick Chivers 
Team Manager: Tim Muehlberg 
Team Trainer: Vacant 

SA Masters Games (SAMG
Registration is through SAMG. 
Games are played at a different location each year.  
RAVSTASS Ravens +30 Men 
Team Coach: John Spooner 
Team Captain: Steve Nicolacopoulos 
Team Manager: Tim Muehlberg 
Team Trainer: Tim Muehlberg 
RAVSTASS Ravens +40 Men 
Team Coach: John Spooner 
Team Captain: Tim Muehlberg 
Team Manager: Tim Muehlberg 
Team Trainer: Tim Muehlberg 
Eastern Hills Basketball Association (EHBA
Registration is through the EHBA. 
Fees are through RAVSTASS. 
EHBA Clearance Process (Check Clearance Status)
EHBA Permit Process (Check Permit Status). 

Games are played at St Francis de Sales College, Mt Barker. 
RAVSTASS Ravens B Grade Men 
Game Schedule: Mondays 
Team Coach: Sam Muehlberg 
Team Captain: Sam Muehlberg 
Team Manager: Vacant 
Team Trainer: Vacant 
RAVSTASS Black Ravens C Grade Men 
Game Schedule: Thursdays 
Team Coach: Nick Huxtable 
Team Captain: Nick Huxtable 
Team Manager: Vacant  
Team Trainer: Vacant 
RAVSTASS Blue Ravens D Grade Men 
Game Schedule: Thursdays  
Team Coach: Jai Johnston 
Team Asst. Coach: Annie Wagner 
Team Captains: Daniel Rossouw & Kurt Scott 
Team Manager: Yvette Scott 
Team Trainer: Annie Wagner 

Murray Bridge Basketball Association (MBBA) 
Registration is through the MBBA. 
Fees are through RAVSTASS. 
Games are played at the Murray Bridge Showgrounds
RAVSTASS Ravens Senior Women
Game Schedule: Wednesdays 
Team Coach: Rachel Paech 
Team Captain: Rachel Paech 
Team Manager: Rachel Paech 
Team Trainer: Vacant 
RAVSTASS Black Mambas Senior Men
Team Coach: Nick Huxtable 
Team Captain: Nick Huxtable 
Team Manager: Dean Rossiter 
Game Schedule: Wednesdays  
RAVSTASS Ravens Senior Men
Game Schedule: Wednesdays 
Team Coach: Caden Evans 
Team Captain: Caden Evans 
Team Manager: Caden Evans 
Team Trainer: Vacant 
RAVSTASS Senior Men 
Game Schedule: Wednesdays 
RAVSTASS Black Ravens U18 Boys 
Game Schedule: Mondays 
RAVSTASS Blue Ravens U18 Boys 
Game Schedule: Mondays 
Tanunda Basketball Carnival (BVBA) 
Team registration is through the BVBA. 
Games are played at the REX, Tanunda. 
RAVSTASS Ravens B Men 
Team Coach: Steve Nicolacopoulos 
Team Captain: Steve Nicolacopoulos 
Team Manager: Tom Symes 
Team Trainer: Tim Muehlberg  

Netball: Adelaide Hills Recreation Centre (AHRC) 
Registration is through the AHRC. 
Fees are through RAVSTASS. 
Games are played at the Adelaide Hills Recreation Centre, Mt Barker. 
RAVSTASS Raiders Mixed Men/Women 
Game Schedule: Tuesdays 
Team Coach: Jayden Agars 
Team Captain: Jayden Agars 
Team Manager: Jayden Agars 
Team Trainer: Vacant 

Team Captains are to: 
1. Lead by example through the RAVSTASS Values
2. Echo the work of the Coach and Team Manager. 
3. Introduce themselves to referees/umpires prior to contest beginning. 
4. Team Captain Leadership opportunities are detailed on our Leaders page. 
Team Coaches are to:
1. Set Individual and Team goals and establish achievable plans. Briefing formats include: 
    Quick Brief Formats
    2.1. KSS: Keep, Stop, Start. 
    2.2. WWH: Why, What, How. 
    Goal Setting Formats 
    2.3. GROW: Goal, Reality, Options, Way-Forward. 
    2.4. WDEP: What is the Plan, Doing at moment, Evaluate effectiveness, Plan/re-plan. 
    Feedback Session Formats 
    2.5. EARS: Elicit, Amplify, Reflect, Start Over. 
    2.6. FIE: Frame the work, Invite input, Embrace messengers. 
    Difficult Conversation Formats 
    2.7. ARDE: Agree on common ground, Reveal shortfalls, Demonstrate Impacts, 
    End on a Question that leads to accountability and progression. 
    2.8. Reframing: Taking "below the line" comments, to "above the line."  
    (Build self-awareness for the right moments for open/closed questions). 
2. Liaise with Officials on technical rule enquiries on behalf of players. 
3. Risk Manage the utilisation of players to reduce injury risk. 
4. Team Coach Leadership opportunities are detailed on our Leaders page. 
Team Managers are to:
1. Assist players with uniform ordering, team registration and fee payments.
2. Advise team members of game scheduling
3. Liaise with Administrators co-ordinating the competition, including notification of intent to Forfeit. See the Forfeit Process here.
4. Team Manager Leadership opportunities are detailed on our Leaders page. 
5. Co-ordinate with RAVSTASS Secretary team nominations prior to each season: 

Default Team Names 
Adult teams = RAVSTASS Ravens 
Junior teams = RAVSTASS Little Ravens 
International teams = RAVSTASS Aussie Ravens 
Note that other team names are permitted, to retain identify of merged teams, e.g. RAVSTASS Leprechauns, RAVSTASS Raiders, RAVSTASS Black Mambas. Adolescent and Junior teams may enter as 'RAVSTASS Ravens' if they prefer. 
Multiple Team Names 
Where there are multiple teams in the same competition, a colour is nominated and inserted prior to 'Ravens'. Colour code options are: Black, Blue, Purple, Grey.  
e.g. RAVSTASS Black Ravens & RAVSTASS Blue Ravens etc 
e.g. RAVSTASS Little Black Ravens & RAVSTASS Little Blue Ravens etc 

Team Trainers are to: 
1. Ensure players are warmed up and stretched prior to activity and encourage individuals to be responsible for their own Individual training
2. Observe team dynamics and psychological safety, discretely liaise as appropriate on: 
    2.1. Inclusion safety, 
    2.2. Learner safety, 
    2.3. Contributor safety, and
    2.4. Challenger safety. 
3. Provide first aid/sports trainer assistance to the level of their training, and submit Incident Reports to record the event and actions taken.  
4. Liaise with Sports Facilities Staff to address any safety concerns/risks. 
5. Monitor activities undertaken in accordance with the RAVSTASS Risk Matrix and any other risk management established by league/competition/facility/government. 
6. Team Trainer Leadership opportunities are detailed on our Leaders page.
Players are to: 
1. Strive to attain the RAVSTASS Values
2. Promptly follow the directions of Manager, Trainer, Captain and Coach; for own benefit and the performance/cohesiveness of the team. 
3. Receive feedback: Actively listen, understand specifics, focus on the team goal. 
4. Raise concerns through their Coach, Captain, Manager, Trainer as appropriate.
5. Raise Injury occurrences/concerns with their Team Trainer and follow advice to complete Incident Reporting, as well as any reporting required by the league/competition. 
6. Adhere to the RAVSTASS Values and resolve any disputes in accordance with the RAVSTASS Rules of Association, as well as following the respective Codes of Conduct established for their league/competition.