RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association


RAVSTASS is a volunteer led organisation. We provide opportunities for leaders at every level. 


1. RAVSTASS Team Roles - Appointed Coach, Captain, Manager, Trainer 
Point of contacts are listed on our Teams list. Appointments can be made at any time, via Rule 6.2(d). Team Role appointments are the responsibility of the Vice-President, who may delegate as appropriate. Minimum requirement is to be a Social MemberSupporting policy: Fees / Individual Athlete Support / New Teams / Child Safety / RAVSTASS Manual for all positions. 

2. RAVSTASS Club/Chapter Roles - Appointed Sub-Committee positions
Current appointments (where they exist) will be listed on the respective individual sports page. Appointments can be made at any time, via Rule 6.2(d). Minimum requirement is to be a Social Member. Appointments are an Elected Committee Responsibility. 

3. RAVSTASS Division Directors - Appointed 
Appointments can be made at any time, via Rule 6.2(d) usually by the Vice President, and confirmed at the next AGM. Minimum requirement is to be a Comrade Member. Division Director Duties are listed in the RAVSTASS Manual for all positions. 

4. RAVSTASS Association Committee - Elected President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer 
Appointments are listed on the Committee page. Elections occur at the AGM IAW Rule 6.2. The Public Officer is appointed within the Elected Committee. Minimum requirement is to be a Comrade Member for all positions. 

Leader Benefits: We have Rules of Association to support your leadership and processes to assist you, including Risk Management. As a RAVSTASS Leader you will be entitled to list your appointed position on your LinkedIn, profile under 'Experience,' detailing RAVSTASS as the 'company.'  You are also entitled to add 'RAVSTASS' on your Facebook 'Work and Education' tab, as well of course on your Resume. If you are currently seeking employment within the sports industry, we have further information on our Jobs page. We also provide honest references for your future job application needs. We will provide written references on letterhead, detailing your contribution to RAVSTASS and demonstrated employment potential. We are here to support and grow you. 
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