RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association


The RAVSTASS advantage: RAVSTASS is an Independent Multi-Sport Association, which solves the problem of resource inefficiencies. We share a keen interest in the development of facilities that encourage the efficient pursuit of multiple sports. 

The problem we solve: Traditional sports clubs deliver a one sport service. Membership fees for these clubs have discouraged individuals from pursuing a variety of sporting interests, membership fees are simply too expensive to do it all. Traditional local clubs are also stuck in their catchment area. Our lives are increasingly mobile and the lack of certainty for where our careers will take us, makes a membership outlay risky. RAVSTASS solves this by being everywhere, we are not locked to a single location and we do not charge membership fees, the costs for any individual is dependent on the sport/activity they are participating in.

Funding is efficient with RAVSTASS: The future is Multi-Sports administration. Comparably to the trend towards Multi-Sport facilities, RAVSTASS takes this further to sports administration. It is a common problem for local government to achieve harmony among sporting clubs sharing a mixed purpose facility. RAVSTASS proposes to solve these relationship problems by merging Multi-Sports Facilities under Multi-Sports Administration. 

We believe: We believe that this mindset shift will deliver thrifty solutions for participants and achieve improved distribution of capital and government funding. We believe the existing model of single sport clubs will increasingly become redundant. We believe that funding is presently inefficient and wasted on duplicated infrastructure such as amenity facilities, that for most days of the week lay idle. We believe we hold the vision to fix this. 
Contact our Treasurer for more information. 

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