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Are you a team manager for your sports team? 

Well done, it is hard work! We know the battle of organising players, uniforms, registrations, cash handling and endlessly reminding people. We would like to give you a helping hand, because it is motivated individuals like you who bring people together, provide fitness and opportunities and most importantly, foster teamwork which is the foundation of all strong communities. 

RAVSTASS is a growing Multi-Sport Association offering the opportunity for independent teams to operate through us. We have a unique structure of eight divisions, governing the environments in which every conceivable sport can be managed through. 

We offer: 

* Web page. On our website, we create a page for your sport to be listed. This gives you the ability to list all the information that your team needs to know. How to register in your league, how to obtain uniforms, contact details, team lists; whatever it is you need to share can be included. Example here.
* Online payment system. On your sports web page, we can list custom payment options. You may like to collect registration fees, or forfeit fines; and avoid handling cash. The payments are then track-able, and saves you time. Example here.

Event Management. Schedules for all our teams are listed on our website, we can also share specific events to the RAVSTASS Fan Page, if you are seeking more members, or segment this to our chat threads for each specific division. This often takes the hassle out of trying to round up additional players last minute, to avoid forfeits. Events listed here.

* Team Management. Team Schedules, registration links and fee payments, all listed on a single page. Team Schedules here

* Social Media. Our social media structure automatically reposts between our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These are also embedded into our official website. This gives you the freedom to post without contaminating your personal social media accounts with unwanted attention. Social Media links here

* Rules. We have a standard Rules of Association, which are not indifferent to any sporting club's constitution. Importantly, RAVSTASS is an Association in its own right, so our governance is properly established. This gives you peace of mind, to manage your team, with an overarching structure that provides the framework to support you. Rules of Association here.

Discount Card. Our Association has gained the support of many businesses, and we offer a Discount Card to our members. Get Discount Card here

* Buy/Sell. Our website also provides mechanism for your players to advertise equipment to buy/sell. Post Advert here

* History. We also keep a meticulous history of our teams, on our Honour Board for Team Achievements and Individual Achievements and Team Portraits

* Join Process. Our join process takes care of all the social media links, maintaining member data, so you don't have to. Our join process is super easy for your players. Join here


If you would like more information about running your team through RAVSTASS, please contact us below.