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RAVSTASS regularly organises social kayaking near Adelaide including the Port River & West Lakes and away trips to the Murray River including Katarapko Creek.

Katarapko Creek, Murray River National Park - Map - Bookings 
Port River, Torrens Island Canoe Trail - Map 
West Lakes (meeting point Neighbourhood Reserve) - Map 
Canoe South Australia.org.au 
Australian Canoeing 
Chowilla Creek, Murray River - Map 

South Australian Ocean & Surf Ski Paddlers 
Floatfest www.floatfest.com.au 
Massive Murray Paddle www.massivemurraypaddle.org.au 

Rowing Australia Guidelines & Risk Assessments 
Kayaking & Canoeing Safety Advice - Dept of Planning Transport & Infrastructure 

Hire Providers 
Steve Dalton, Paddle Sports SA, www.paddlesportssa.com.au 
Adelaide Canoe Works, Wingfield www.adelaidecanoeworks.com.au 
Adventure Kayak SA, Port River www.adventurekayak.com.au 
Canoe Adventures, Riverland www.canoeadventure.com.au 

Adelaide Canoe Works, Wingfield www.adelaidecanoeworks.com.au 
Steve Dalton, Paddle Sports SA, www.paddlesportssa.com.au 

Clint Robinson OAMwww.clintrobinson.com.au 

Posture - Straight back 
Weight - Weight shift same side as paddle 
Core - Rotate through core 

Weekend Event Schedule
Kayak the Murray River National Park. 
Bring your own kayak, or hire one from us!

Sat 0900 First Pickup
Sat 1000 Last Pickup
Sat 1130 Lunch at Truro
Sat 1330 Supermarket Barmera
Sat 1400 Arrive Murray River National Park - Camp Site #28
Sat 1415 Paddle Katarapko Creek (down/up harder finish)
Sat 1800 Return to Camp 
Sun morning Paddle Katarapko Creek (up/down easy finish)
Sun 1300 Depart Murray River National Park
Sun 1430 Arvo's at Waikerie
Sun 1700 First Drop-Off
Sun 1800 Last Drop-Off

Provided by RAVSTASS
* Transport from Adelaide and return
* Kayak, paddle, life jacket

Limited Spots!!!

Provided by you
* Tent, Sleeping Bag etc (we have some spares on loan)
* Food
* Camp site fees (approx $12 per vehicle)