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Killing Basketball's Sacred Cows


Killing Basketball's Sacred Cows

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Killing Basketball's Sacred Cows

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Basketball is ill.

Dr James Naismith prescribed a game that would ‘give health without involving severe mental strain.’ Basketball has become one of the most technical games among team sports despite having the fewest players.

Killing Basketball’s Sacred Cows, investigates the evolution of the game and critically analyses the accepted dogma against eternal themes in order to recognise the ills of our game, reduce the complexity and rebuild a new philosophy that the reader can jointly develop.

KBSC is a must read for burdened players, frustrated fans and coaches who want to win. If the unstoppable offence can be built, a KBSC reader will develop it. Read it before your opponents do! 

Available in eBook, Hardcover and Paperback
300+ pages, 6" wide x 9" tall