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Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing

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Freedom, relaxation and purity of thought. Have you ever wanted these things for yourself? Perhaps rock climbing is your sport. Hanging by a rope half way up a cliff you might imagine that your thoughts are quite focused on the task at hand. Alternatively, having a conversation about nothing in particular in the middle of the Australian bush can be quite relaxing. With some amazing locations world-wide, rock climbing offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerses us in the heart of nature. So get out there, conquer your fear of heights and let the rock provide you with a personal challenge more exhilarating than a computer could ever provide.

Vertical Reality 12/560 North East Road, Holden Hill

Consider joining UniSA Rock Climbing Club (UniSA RCC). Open to the community. Join here.

Our favourite Climbs....
Car Crash Quarry, Mitcham, SA
Devils Peak, Flinders Ranges, SA
Morialta, Woodforde, SA
Mt Arapiles, Wimmera Plains, VIC
Raetjen's Gap, Mt Pleasant, SA

* The Crag (Outdoor Climb Locations)