Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course has nine (9) stages to become a qualified skydiver towards achieving your A license. We recommend SA Skydiving at Langhorne Creek to instruct you through the AFF course. Most people hand over $300 or maybe more for a tandem and are no closer to being a solo jumper. The AFF course has nine stages. The course is offered stage by stage. Begin this way and you are on your way to becoming a qualified skydiver.

South Australian Sports Parachute Council (SASPC). Membership of the SASPC provides a subsidy towards completed B license jumps. 
Australian Parachute Federation (APF) is the peak body for skydiving in Australia. When you commence your AFF course, you will be issued with an APF membership number. 
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Australian Defence Force Parachute Association (ADFPA). Are you a member of the Australian Defence Force? If so, you are eligible to join the ADFPA and the Australian Army Sports Parachute Association (AASPA). View site on DRN. Any questions, email here....
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