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Tim Muehlberg has over 30 years experience in basketball; as a coach, captain, player, and administrator. 

Tim has received much recognition for his services to the game as former Coaching Director of the successful University of South Australia (UniSA) Basketball program and through a long involvement with the Australian Defence Force Basketball Association (ADFBA). 

His philosophy with coaching is that winning in short-term is often at the expense of overall long-term development of the team's potential and the athletes skill-set development. He preaches the correct fundamentals, combined with a thorough integrated philosophy, that prepares both the athlete and the team for all situations. In short his players and teams punch well above their weight. He has also authored Killing Basketball's Sacred Cows (KBSC) through which he coaches coaches. 

3 Gold Medals and 14 Premierships testify to his consistent standards and formula for success. Having retired from competitive coaching, there are no trade secrets he is unwilling to share. Read Testimonials below.... 

Cert IV in Workplace Leadership Coaching (2018) 
Sports Trainer – Level 1 SASMA (2018) 
UniSA Basketball Hall of Fame UniSA (2013) 
SA Defence Basketball Hall of Fame SADB (2012) 
Major Greg MacDougall Award ADFBA (2011) 
Basketball Coaching Certificate Level Two NCAS (2010) 
Tournament MVP - ADFBA National Championships (2009) 
Basketball Coaching Certificate Level One NCAS (2008) 
ADFBA Three Point Champion (2001 & 2002) 
Community Service Boards: State Rep ADFBA (SA), 2009-2011; President UniSA Basketball, 2009-2013; President 3BallSA, 2010-2012; Committee EHBA 2015-2017; Public Officer RAVSTASS, 2015-Present. 

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Tim Muehlberg has an extensive knowledge of the inner workings in the game of Basketball. As a man who could almost be described as ''obsessed'' with the game, his passion has translated itself into an in depth knowledge, which others are able to benefit from. Through his work in helping to grow the University of South Australia's' Basketball program, he has demonstrated a fantastic ability to improve players individual skills, and understanding of the game. Through many years of playing high level Basketball, Tim is able to teach others ways to improve their individual skill sets. His passion for the game and the improvement of his clients is inspiring, and boosts them to reach their potential. I highly recommend Tim to anyone from Elite athlete to beginner, who wishes to advance their physical and mental skill sets. 
Simon Lokan, Willetton Tigers, State Basketball league (2013)

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for us. You got us into basketball shape, despite most of our players having never played district basketball before. I have played for clubs before, but the coaching compared to yours was a lot different.  I just find it easy to be coached by you because it was more intense and related better understanding. 
Mayom Jook, UniSA Basketball, Adelaide, SA (2013)

I have played basketball for over 15 years, under many different coaches, all with different styles and systems. Tim has been one of the best coaches I have had and is able to easily explain and implement successful offensive systems. Tim has an incredible knowledge of basketball and was able to teach me and explain the game in ways I had never thought about before in just a few trainings. The offensive system we played with in Southern University Games (SUG) was incredibly successful and easy to run with very little practice. The offense gave us excellent transition, in offense and defense, as well as a variety of scoring opportunities for all players on the floor. It only took running through the offence several times to understand it completely and implement it successfully into games. 
Daniel Bartlett (Captain), UniSA SUG Team, Ballarat VIC (2013)

Tim’s tenure as President and head coach of the UniSA Basketball Men’s Program helped grow and expand a club that was stagnant and in danger of withdrawing from the SA District competition and becoming a social club team.  His enthusiasm and energy for the program and the game was able to build the club to what it is today and enable a succession plan for continued growth of what is now a large and professionally administrated club. Tim’s background in basketball and his knowledge of the games fundamentals enabled systems to be implemented across the entire men’s program.  Throughout his stint as head men’s coach Tim was responsible for taking all men’s training sessions and his ability to demonstrate skill sets and inspire the entire player base was second to none.  This included senior players whose involvement in structured basketball was a large proportion of their life, to new players to the game, some of whom have progressed through from division 6 to the club’s first team in division 2. Looking at the club’s growth over the past few years is a testament to Tim’s ability to achieve results.  A focused and driven individual, Tim has taken the UniSA Basketball program to new heights lifting the bar for future growth of the club.  Stepping down from his roles in 2012, Tim has paved the way for the new leaders of the club to inspire its players and members to achieve continued success. 
William Howie, UniSA Basketball (2008-2013)

It is an understatement to say that Tim Muehlberg left an indelible mark on all those who he coached in the game of basketball. His knowledge of the fundamentals of the game is second to none and Tim was always adapt at drawing up a variety of plays mid-game as the situation required. Tim was always upbeat on the basketball court, his enthusiasm for the game evident not only in the words he spoke but in his play on the court and while demonstrating how the game should be played. Always patient, Tim was able to adjust his coaching style depending on the ability of those he was coaching. He was able to provide clear direction as to what he was teaching and importantly, why it was being taught. Combining all the above mentioned qualities, Tim has the rare ability to be able to simultaneously lead and inspire those he coaches, especially if you have ever been on the court with him in the heat of battle! I am certain that I do not speak only for myself when I say that my time playing basketball is far richer for having been fortunate enough to have played alongside Tim and have him coach many teams that I was a part of.
Matt Selby, UniSA Basketball (2008-2011) 

My name is Simone Rigoni, I'm 30 and I'm Italian. I played basketball in Italy for 20 years and I tried many different divisions and coaches in Milan area and all around the north of my country, one of the best basketball region in Europe. I had the pleasure to play for Tim Muehlberg in Adelaide for 18 months with his awesome UniSA Basketball squad in 2010/2011. Tim Muehlberg is a superb basketball coach. The way he teaches skills is great and engaging. His knowledge of the game is beyond price and very rare to find. In particular he focussed on teaching the post in ways that were really original and challenging. As a centre I found playing in his systems was simply perfect. In my personal experience I had many great coaches but I really think that Tim has something special because I think there are heaps of coaches who coach guards skills very well, but very few who teach centers/post moves like he did with me and my teammates. I so hugely value the combination of both these technical parts of the game in his coaching. In a nut shell, his systems leave nothing to chance, is loaded with teaching, in yet ridiculously easy to understand, even if you come from another country like me. His vocal help and the intensity of his trainings were so useful for me and his ability to build a great team chemistry inside and outside the court was absolutely fantastic. 
Simone Rigoni, UniSA Basketball (2010-2011)