RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association


RAVSTASS Fee Policy. Participating in sport usually requires registration fees to be paid by the athlete to the competition organiser directly, prior to commencing season in order to be insured. RAVSTASS also incurs some further costs, however we are able to provide some flexibility, within the following limits: 

1. Due date: RAVSTASS Fees are due before middle of current season.
2. Limitations: If Fees remain unpaid, the player may be refused opportunity to play, including finals.
3. Exclusion: If Fees remain owing, the player will not be re-registered for following season(s), until rectified.
4. Exchange: If the player is unable to repay RAVSTASS Fees, they may trade their uniform (if owned and in good condition) to the RAVSTASS Treasurer to have their fees debt cleared.

Technical Difficulties: If you have any difficulty paying the invoice via the online email, then please forward payment via direct deposit to: 
ACC#: 202501440 
Acc Title: RAVSTASS 
Description/Reference: Order number as per your fee invoice email: e.g. 2099 Full Name 
Email remittance: treasurer@ravstass.com