Welcoming HDWD customers to the new home of Hardwood Sports


Processes listed on this page:
* Background Checks - DCSI - Working With Children Checks (WWCS)
* Background Checks - National Police Certificate (NPC)
* Campbells Membership Card
* Creating a RAVSTASS Chapter
* Downloading Membership Data
* Outsourcing
* Payments for Consignment Hire
* Receiving Donations
* Receiving Offline Payments
* Style Guide
* Team Forfeit Notification
* Welcome email 

Background Checks - DCSI - Working With Children Checks (WWCS)
1. Applicant. Logon and follow steps at www.screening.sa.gov.au/applications 
2. Applicant. To commence the application process the person must select "Individual" the applicant will need 100 points of ID. The member will then need to select "Volunteer" and in the description add "Multi-Sport Coaching Volunteer"  
3. Applicant. Following finalisation of the check, provide official advice, by forwarding the original email to ravstass@gmail.com.

Background Checks - National Police Certificate (NPC) 
1. Applicant. Fill in form PD267 National Police Certificate (NPC) Application form. Use blue pen.
2. Applicant. Take the PD267 to a SA Police station for 100 point identification. Then give form to RAVSTASS Public Officer for VOAN authorisation.
3. Public Officer. RAVSTASS Public Officer endorses the PD267 in the 'Volunteer Authority' section of form, including the VOAN number issued to RAVSTASS.  Use blue pen. The form is then sent by RAVSTASS to SAPOL.
4. Applicant. SAPOL will post NPC to the applicant. NPC is to be sighted by Secretary.
5. Secretary. Secretary is to retain copies of all NPC's. Original is to be retained by applicant.


Campbells Membership Card
1. Treasurer. Identifies member with need for a Campbells Card. 
2. Card Holder. Fills in web form on behalf of applicant. Contact details to be used are those of RAVSTASS (email, post, ABN). Method of payment is to be Credit Card not Invoice www.campbells.com.au/convenience/faq 
3. Treasurer. Receives card in post, takes scan for records.
4. Card Holder. Receives their Campbells card from Treasurer. 

Creating a RAVSTASS Chapter
Sub-committees may exist which are closely affiliated with external organisations. As RAVSTASS is an independent association, such sub-committees are created as Chapters. Refer to Rule 6.2(d) for Guidance.  

Downloading Membership Data
This process is for use of the RAVSTASS Secretary. 
Pre-requisites, must have admin rights to the RAVSTASS Members Group.
1. Go to this page, and download .zip
2. Also watch the tutorial video.
3. Go to the RAVSTASS Members Member data, click the extension icon. 
4. RAVSTASS Members--Members.csv file will download. 
5. Prefix the file name with todays date YYYY MM DD - RAVSTASS Members--Members.csv.

Some of our activities require the services of a professional instructor or supplier. By creating the event page first, we can gauge interest from participants before risking locking in a booking with a supplier. We now openly contact at least three suppliers in order to get the best price and arrangement.

To: suppliers email addresses (preferably three)
Subject: Request for Quote - RAVSTASS event [DD MMM YYYY]
Attachment: Attach this letter
Good afternoon, 
RAVSTASS is an independent multi-sport association. We wish to invite you to quote for an upcoming activity. Here is our event page: [add facebook event page]. 

We seek your quote to provide the following services:
Gear Hire: Yes / No
Coaching: Yes / No
Food: Yes / No
Transport: Yes / No

RAVSTASS will provide: 
Gear Hire: Yes / No
Coaching: Yes / No
Food: Yes / No
Transport: Yes / No

Request quote NLT _____[insert date +7 days]
In addition, we would like to invite you to become a preferred supplier. Please refer to attached letter.

Assess Quotes
: Select best quote. Make booking with preferred supplier and advise other suppliers they were not successful at this time. 
Pricing: Price the activity after quotes received. Ask Treasurer if unsure. Consider Fixed and Variable Costs. Remember to add online transaction fees. Use the below calculator....

Update the product page on our official site with pricing and stock (maximum sales)
Discount Scheme: Update the Discount Card page if the supplier has agreed to join scheme. 

Payments for Consignment Hire
1. A RAVSTASS member may wish to receive income on their gear via RAVSTASS hiring out their equipment for them. 
2. After a successful hire, the treasurer is to arrange agreed payment to the owner of the equipment. 
3. Following email is sent to the owner

To: [owner of equipment]
Subj: Hire Payment coming your way!
Good afternoon [name of owner],
Your equipment was hired on [dd mmm yy] and was returned in same condition.
We would like to forward a payment of $____ to you. 
Please provide the following detail to enable payment by return email to treasurer@ravstass.com 
BSB: _ _ _ - _ _ _  must be six digits
ACC#: _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ _  max of nine digits
Title: Name your account held in
Remittance Text: HIRE PMT - DDMMMYY
email remittance: your email address

Receiving Donations
1. Treasurer. Issue Donor with Discount Member Card at no charge. 
Thank you script... "Thank you for your donation. Please find enclosed your RAVSTASS Member Discount Card. As our program grows I hope you enjoy its benefits into the future."
2. Treasurer. Add item to the Asset Register
3. Treasurer. Consider to make available for hire, create product page. 

Receiving Offline Payments 
Where possible all payments should be received through the RAVSTASS website, via the products. Where a payment is required to be collected and this is not practicable, e.g. a product, cost, or recovery that is not an advertised item, then an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the RAVSTASS Incomes account should be effected. Avoid where possible collecting cash. If you do collect cash on behalf of a member, then retain the cash yourself and transfer the same amount by EFT into the RAVSTASS Incomes Account. All EFT transfers are to be made into the following account. 

BSB: 105900
ACC#: 202501440
Remittance Text: SURNAME - REASON. e.g. SMITH - DEPOSIT
email remittance: treasurer@ravstass.com

Style Guide

Colours RGB Hexa CMYK
PANTONE Reflex Blue C 0,20,137 #001489 100,87,0,20
PANTONE Black 6 C 16,24,32 #101820 100,61,32,96
PANTONE 4289 C (Grey) 153,153,152 #999998 37,30,26,6
PANTONE 11-0601 TCX Bright White 244,249,255 #F4F9FF N/A

Team Forfeit Notification
Each RAVSTASS Sports team entered in scheduled competitions has a designated Team Manager. This policy is for guidance of the Team Manager. 

In the week prior to scheduled game - Team Manager posts reminder of game time to the Team specific Facebook message thread. 

2 days prior - If insufficient players indicates a forfeit may be imminent then team managers is to use the Facebook Team Managers thread to seek other eligible players. Remind any injured players that should they be able to attend in uniform, this can avoid a forfeit and they can be immediate subbed out of game. 

1 day prior - Not later than 11am - If forfeit cannot be avoided, the Team Manager is to send an email to the Association formally advising of forfeit (Note that late notification may increase forfeit fine). 

To: Relevant Association 
cc: ravstass@gmail.com 
Subj: Notification of Team Forfeit - RAVSTASS 

Good morning, 

Regrettably RAVSTASS ___________ (insert team name and grade), are lacking sufficient players for game on ______________ (insert date and time of game); and accordingly advise of need to forfeit the scheduled game. 

1 week after Forfeit - Team Manager is to collect payment from players and deposit to the RAVSTASS bank account to enable payment of invoice by Treasurer. 

BSB: 105900
ACC#: 202501440
email remittance: treasurer@ravstass.com

Welcome email 
The RAVSTASS Join page, has a google form, which collects email addresses. The google form is located in the Google Drive account of ravstass@gmail.com 
When a new member joins, a mail merge is to be sent welcoming the new member. 
1. Logon to the email account ravstass@gmail.com 
2. Click into Google Drive. 
3. Open the Google Sheet, Welcome to RAVSTASS! Mail Merge
4. Add the new members name and email address. 
5. Menu Bar > Add-ons > Mail Merge with Attachments > Configure Mail Merge 
6. Follow the prompts.