RAVSTASS Multi-Sport Association


President Processes 
* Communications - Objectives 
* Communications - Stakeholders 
* Communications - Talking Points 
* Presentations - Recognition 

Vice President Processes 
* Communications - Facebook Message Threads 
* Communications - Radio 
* Communications - Sports Journalism / Adventure Journalism 
* Division Directors - Duties 
* Events - Simple Event Checklist 
* Events - Complex Event Checklist 
* Support - Tribunals 

Secretary Processes 
* Background Checks - DCSI - Working With Children Checks (WWCS)
* Background Checks - National Police Certificate (NPC)
* Campbells Membership Card
* Communications - Social Media 
* Communications - Social Media Permissions Structure 
* Communications - Style Guide
* Communications - Templates 
* Communications - Web Development 
* Creating a RAVSTASS Chapter
* Downloading Membership Data 
* Toolbox 

Treasurer Processes 
* Banking 
* EOM 
* Marketing 
* Outsourcing 
Payments to Members - Consignments, Supplies & Services 
* Payments to Members - Reimbursements 
* Payments to Suppliers - Invoices 
* Receiving Donations 
* Receiving Offline Payments 
* Team Forfeit Notification 


Communications - Objectives 

Objective #1
- Improve Multi-Sport Facilities

Line of Effort 1A - RAVSTASS Owned Facilities: Position RAVSTASS for owner/operations of our own dedicated Multi-Sports Facilities (Refer to briefing package www.ravstass.com/pages/park & www.ravstass.com/pages/grants). 

Line of Effort 1B - RAVSTASS Leased Facilities: Explore opportunities for RAVSTASS to tenant or manage Multi-Sport Facilities. 

Line of Effort 1C - RAVSTASS Attended Facilities: Influence development of Multi-Sport Facilities where RAVSTASS members are current or prospective patrons. 

Objective #2 - Build External Relationships.

Line of Effort 2A - Build Relationships with Stakeholders in Support of Objective #1. 

Line of Effort 2B - Build Relationships with Stakeholders who co-ordinate Key Events, especially Multi-Sport Events


Communications - Stakeholders 
Federal & State Government: Ministers & Shadow Ministers with portfolios including Sport, Infrastructure, Transport, Emergency Services, as well as Local Member for locations of interest. Further contacts refer to Grants
Local Government: Town Planner and Council Members. Further contacts refer to Grants
Sport Bodies: Peak, State & Local Sport Bodies with context of facility planning. Further contacts refer to Grants

Community groups: Youth Organisations (including Cadets/Scouts), Veteran Organisations, Environmental Organisations. 
Emergency Services: Peak, State & Local with context of facility planning as potential tenant/users of a joint facility, increasing recruitment and harvesting cross-training benefits.
Industry: Training providers, Discount Providers, Equipment manufacturers and Facility constructors. 

Communications - Talking Points 
Who we are: RAVSTASS is an Independent Multi-Sport Association, formed in 2015 to bring together individuals, groups and teams into eight Divisions through the administration of one association. River, Air, Valley, Sea, Track, Aim, Snow & Stadium. www.ravstass.com/pages/about 
Our Members: Our members are individuals from every background who participate as individuals or teams across a wide range of sports.  
The RAVSTASS difference: One association with free membership. An individuals joins to participate in a single sport, and through their interaction with other members is introduced to new opportunities. We are not limited to geography, individual sport, nor a parent entity. 
We are efficient: Multi-Sports administration is the future. Traditional sports clubs are limited to one sport/activity, whereas RAVSTASS has eight (8) divisions and within them scope for an unlimited number of sports. Traditional local clubs are stuck in their catchment area, whereas RAVSTASS is everywhere. We do not charge membership fees, the costs for any individual is dependent on the sport/activity that they are participating in. And often RAVSTASS does not even get involved in the transaction. The future will be even more efficient for members, sports bodies and government, through building multi-sport mixed purpose facilities. 
Our Achievements
Achievements www.ravstass.com/pages/honourboard 
Milestones www.ravstass.com/pages/committee#Milestones 

Presentations - Recognition 
Award Individuals 
Award Teams 
Award Promoted Members 
Award RAVSTASS True Blue Award 
In addition, consider where appropriate the nomination of RAVSTASS Members for external awards (links located at bottom of Honour Board). 


Communications - Facebook Message Threads 
The Vice Prez (at minimum) is to remain Admin on the following Facebook Message Threads. The Elected Committee members should also be invited to be admins on these threads. 
Committee Level
- RAVSTASS Big 4 Thread (Committee) 
- RAVSTASS Comrade Members Thread (Committee) 
- RAVSTASS EOM Finance Reports (Committee) 
- RAVSTASS Veterans Thread (Committee) 
- RAVSTASS Vice Prez Thread (Committee) 
- RAVSTASS Division Directors (Committee) 
Numerous further threads exist within each division, all message threads created are to adhere to the following conventions.
Thread titles:  
RAVSTASS ???? Thread (???? Division) 
RAVSTASS Scuba Thread (Sea Division)  
Primary Admin
= Minimum one (1) Comrade Member. 
Secondary Admin = Respective Division Director to be backup Admin for all threads. (Division Director may mute threads). 
Tertiary Admins = Additional admin's may be added, e.g.  Vice Prez/Committee/Coaches/Captains/Managers/Trainers. 
Searching Threads
The above conventions will enable a message thread search to be conducted using format (Name Division) e.g. (Sea Division) 

Communications - Radio 
Whenever activities are conducted in remote areas, the establishment of our own communications network may be required. The following is guidance for activity leaders, to establish a communications network. A primary and secondary radio channel should be selected and tested, prior to commencement of the activity. In addition, a location that is well known and within reach of all participants, selected as the communication failure last option for rendezvous. Additional communication options, may be considered, including whistle, beacon as determined through the Risk Analysis Matrix. This process focusses on the selection of radio channels only. 
Conventions for the selection of UHF CB Radio channels in Australia 
Channel 05 - Emergency Primary 
Channel 35 - Emergency Secondary 
For both emergency channels, set Duplex ON, if no response set Duplex OFF.  
Channel 10 - 4WD & National Parks 
Channel 18 - Camper Vans & Caravans in Convoy 
Channel 40 - Road Safety 

- Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) 


Communications - Sports Journalism / Adventure Journalism  
RAVSTASS participates in a broad range of sports which ideally suits Sports Journalism Students seeking to apply their knowledge and build their portfolios. Furthermore our membership has a tremendous interest in sports generally, which RAVSTASS seeks to promote and develop along the entire spectrum : Awareness > Interest > Participation > Competition > Excellence. The breadth of RAVSTASS provides enormous opportunity for Sports and Adventure Journo's to apply their craft. We are uniquely interested in the multi-disciplinary aspects and relatable knowledge that transfers between sports. We also are keen to recommend products to our members that suit applications in a variety of sports. 
Keen to be a RAVSTASS Sports Journo? Go to www.ravstass.com/#Join and then contact the RAVSTASS Vice President. Every Student Journalist will be provided a reference on letterhead to assist with their future aspirations and all articles attributed to them will remain on RAVSTASS sites. 

Broad Process : Decide > Data > Delve > Develop > Dovetail > Design > Distribute 
1. Decide - Determine what type of article you are seeking to write: 
Straight-Lead/Feature/Profile/Season Preview/Season Review/Opinion Column/Product Review/Adventure Story. 
2. Data - Our social media channels are listed at www.ravstass.com/#Join 
3. Delve - Each of our RAVSTASS Divisions has segmented our social media channels for their division, as an album/list/topic/etc. Links are within each Division Collection at www.ravstass.com/#8Divisions. Links to related magazines are also found here. Within the individual sports can be found further links to peak bodies, suppliers, participating bodies etc. 
4. Develop - 1st draft - Review the available content to generate ideas for your article. 
5. Dovetail - 2nd draft - Bring further sources together (references, imagery, quotes etc) to support your message. 
6. Design - 3rd draft - Format your article for delivery and impact (audio/visual/mixed media). Contact the Secretary if templates/branding is required. 
7. Distribute - Forward to the Vice President for review and release. 
Note that value is incrementally added at each stage of the process. 
Adventure Story Process : Calling > Crossing > Trials > Abyss > Discovery > Improvement > Achievement > Coaching  
1. Calling - Reveal what tempted the subject into imagining the adventure. Think lingering thought!  
2. Crossing - What pushed the subject into starting, the tipping point! Losing their job/relationship or an injury in another sport. Think final straw! 
3. Trials - Relate the difficulties encountered in starting and progressing. Predictions of failure, battling self/others, injuries/opinions. Think grind! 
4. Abyss - Identify with the loneliness of the chasm which emerges between subject and their former career/friends/home/comforts/interactions that is left behind in the pursuit of the new adventure. 
5. Discovery - Exhibit what is newly discovered by the subject, that was only possible because of this adventure. Think spectacular!
6. Improvement - Connect discoveries with the improvement in the subject and their enhanced understanding. 
7. Achievement - Celebrate the achievement as it all dovetails together and thereby making the journey worthwhile. 
8. Coaching - Develop the character of the individual, show what they have now grown to become, in self-esteem, reputation and contribution and hint at the opportunities that lie ahead. 
Note that over the process, the protagonist is raised in their ability and in turn, their ability to lead others.
References & Tools 

- YouTube Background Video
- YouTube Video Editor 

Division Directors - Duties
1. Promote - Encourage everyone to Join RAVSTASS
2. Recruit - Using the Individual Athlete Support program, specifically target individuals competing in sports which you are aiming to grow for your division. Note that support can be tailored where suitable, e.g. a Beanie might be more suitable than a Baseball cap for Snow Division athletes. 
3. Grow - Generate New Teams, especially in sports where we do not yet have teams competing. Note that the Individual Athlete Support program, is one pathway to eventually growing teams, as individual athlete support obligations includes the encouragement of participation. 
4. Share - Relevant Events for your Division, in particular Come n Try events are an excellent opportunity to encourage participation. Many businesses/clubs run these events that you can leverage. Also encourage hashtag #ravstass be used on relevant instagram posts by members. 
5. Advise - The Elected Committee on improvements, team appointments, guidance, strategy, processes. Anything that helps support your efforts and the work within your Division. 
6. Report - Provide progress reports to the Vice-President, and especially prior to the AGM. 
Events - Simple Event Checklist 
Preconditions - Existing regular activity with an existing RAVSTASS facebook message thread.
Step 1 - Facebook - What, When, Where on respective msg thread. 
Step 2 - Conduct - Conduct the Activity.  
Step 3 - Incidents - Encourage participants to submit Incident Reports on occurrence. 
Step 4 - Imagery - Add images to the facebook message thread or instagram (tag #RAVSTASS), or email high quality versions. 
Step 5 - Finalise Report - Submit a Post Activity Report
Events - Complex Event Checklist 
The following checklist is a guide designed for committee members. Committee members have access to all websites. If you do not have access, please seek assistance from a committee member. Disregard any non-applicable steps. 
Step 1.0 - Initial Planning
Step 1.1 - Concept - Determine What, Where, When, and Costs. Consider Public Holiday Weekends.  
Step 1.2 - Risk Assessment - Consider reconaissance of activity and raise/review Risk Assessment. Consider use of Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) and if to be used ensure it s registered with Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
Step 2.0 - Mid-Term Planning 

Step 2.1 - Outsourcing - Refer to 'Outsourcing' process. 
Step 2.2 - Payment Product - Create pricing on Official Website www.ravstass.com. 
Step 2.3 - Create Facebook Event - Create event on our Facebook Page with all required info and link to product page. Make the manager a co-host so they can edit event the page. Add Google Map using GPS Co-ordinates. Also, make a post on the RAVSTASS Facebook Members Group inviting people to attend. Encourage others to share widely. Create a FB message thread as attendance list grows in order to communicate directly. 
Step 3.0 - Final Planning 

Step 3.1 - Decision Point. Check sales progress and confirm bookings with supplier if proceeding, or Cancel Event. 
Step 3.2 - Participants. Provide joining instructions to participants. 
Step 4.0 - Execution 

Step 4.1 - Pre-Deploy Phase - Deliver entry briefing of participants on risks and emergency steps. Get participants to sign Risk Assessment. (For international events or local events with international participants, include cultural considerations derived from standardised Cultural Briefs.  
Step 4.2 - Deploy Phase - Conduct the Activity, track progress on RAVSTASS Strava and capture imagery. 
Step 4.3 - Re-Deploy Phase - Deliver Exit brief and thank all participants and supplier(s). Encourage participants to submit Incident Reports. Gather information for the Post Activity Report. 

Step 5.0 - Post Activity 
Step 5.1 - Refurbish Phase - Pay supplier(s) for activity via RAVSTASS Debit Card (see Treasurer) or forward invoice to Treasurer
Step 5.2 - Post Activity Report - Submit a Post Activity Report

Support - Tribunals
Reports to Tribunals are stressful. Should yourself, a player, or a team member be reported, please advise the RAVSTASS Committee by emailing ravstass@ravstass.com 
RAVSTASS Committee will: 
* Be conduit for communications between the reported player and the Tribunal. 
* Confirm applicable By-Laws and clarify further RFI's to assist in preparation for the Tribunal. 
* Maintain an archive of all correspondence cataloguing the case. 
* Review draft statements to the Tribunal. 
* Seek to attend the Tribunal. 
Reported Member should: 
* Ensure the RAVSTASS Committee is notified of a report being made by forwarding report to ravstass@ravstass.com 
* Correspond through the RAVSTASS Committee, in order that any discussion points can be refined and to dovetail with existing RFI's. 
* Read and understand relevant By-Laws, including the Tribunal process and applicable min/max penalties. 
* Understand that the pyramid structure of sports leagues under peak bodies, may mean that any penalty imposed by the existing league, may be applicable in other leagues. 
* Understand that RAVSTASS has a parallel discipline process as obliged by our Rules of an Incorporated Association (IAW Rule 5.4). No decision(s) under Rule 5.4 will be made until after the Tribunal process is completed. Any decision will be considered separately to the Tribunal outcome. 
* Prepare a written hard copy statement that can be read at the Tribunal by yourself or (if unavailable to attend) by a representative. The hard copy written statement should be in a presentable format that can be handed over to the Tribunal panel and be included in the evidence pack. The statement should detail the timeline of events as best recalled, acknowledge the seriousness of being reported, relate circumstances and point of view, and include any admissions willing to make. Lastly, suggest your desired outcome. 


Background Checks - DCSI - Working With Children Checks (WWCS)
1. Applicant. Logon and follow steps at www.screening.sa.gov.au/applications 
2. Applicant. To commence the application process the person must select "Individual" the applicant will need 100 points of ID. The member will then need to select "Volunteer" and in the description add "Multi-Sport Coaching Volunteer"  
3. Applicant. Following finalisation of the check, provide official advice, by forwarding the original email to ravstass@gmail.com.
Background Checks - National Police Certificate (NPC) 
1. Applicant. Fill in form PD267 National Police Certificate (NPC) Application form. Use blue pen.
2. Applicant. Take the PD267 to a SA Police station for 100 point identification. Then give form to RAVSTASS Public Officer for VOAN authorisation.
3. Public Officer. RAVSTASS Public Officer endorses the PD267 in the 'Volunteer Authority' section of form, including the VOAN number issued to RAVSTASS.  Use blue pen. The form is then sent by RAVSTASS to SAPOL.
4. Applicant. SAPOL will post NPC to the applicant. NPC is to be sighted by Secretary.
5. Secretary. Secretary is to retain copies of all NPC's. Original is to be retained by applicant.

Campbells Membership Card
1. Treasurer. Identifies member with need for a Campbells Card. 
2. Card Holder. Fills in web form on behalf of applicant. Contact details to be used are those of RAVSTASS (email, post, ABN). Method of payment is to be Credit Card not Invoice www.campbells.com.au/convenience/faq 
3. Treasurer. Receives card in post, takes scan for records.
4. Card Holder. Receives their Campbells card from Treasurer. 

Communications - Social Media 
The RAVSTASS Social Media Links which are discussed below are accessible at either of these links. 
1. Facebook Page - External page, think friends, family, other organisations and interested parties. Other channels can feed into this page (automatically) instagram, twitter, youtube, and our online products.  
Best for uploading high quality images, and images which have been processed and cleaned up ready for publishing. Note that when click photos > albums > see all; there is a photo album for each of the RAVSTASS divisions. Adding a photo to one of the existing albums will then create a post on the page feed. When tagging individuals in photos first save the uploaded photos, then in the comments section change 'comment as' from RAVSTASS to yourself, you can then edit and use '@' followed by name of individual(s) you wish to tag in the post. If the video includes music, ensure there is detail in the post that references the artist, e.g. "All the good girls go to hell" by Billie Eilish. 
2. Facebook Group - Internal facing. Groups have different features to Pages, and are for the network itself. At present the number of members in this group is used to calculate our membership. Think updates to members themeslves on internal issues. Therefore if publishing external content, best to publish to the page first, and then share to the group. Since not all information on the group feed is of interest to all members, Groups have a nice feature called 'Topics'. After creating a post, click the three dots (top right) > Add post topic. Note that we have created a topic for each division. 
3. Instagram - External facing. Instagram has become popular among people who prefer visual content, for some, facebook has too many notifications, messages etc. Instagram is best for quickly publishing images and short videos (snippets) that have been captured on a phone. While you can logon to instagram from PC/laptop you cannot create posts. In order to get images/videos which have been cleaned up on PC/laptop onto instagram it is necessary to forward these to your phone first, and then create instagram post through the phone app. Added benefit of instagram posts, is option at the end of post production to relay the feed to RAVSTASS facebook page and RAVSTASS twitter. The relay to Facebook page has been found to work well when it is one image in the post. Multiple images in a post and video have not been seen (yet) relaying and likely is a limitation of the feature. The relay to twitter goes straight to the feed, but displays as hyperlink. 
4. Instagram other usersA excellent feature of instagram, similar to facebook is ability to tag people. If there is content on a members instagram account, and they 'edit' and 'tag' RAVSTASS, then the content appears in a separate panel called 'tagged' on our RAVSTASS instagram feed. In someways this is easier/better than Facebook. Note that tagging is preferred to #hastags. If hashtag #RAVSTASS is used, it will appear in our notifications, to advise us, but will not relay in our feeds. #RAVSTASS appears at www.instagram.com/explore/tags/ravstass/. Therefore hastags can be used in addition, but do not achieve as much as a tag. 
5. Twitter - External facing. Twitter is popular among those who are reading dominant learners. It is useful for publishing very short messages, for example "RAVENS win semi-final overnight." 
6. Strava - Extremely useful platform for capturing activity conducted by individuals. Think cyclists, runners, swimmers. These are the primary sports that Strava focussed on. Using location tool, tracks the path, speed, distance and other metrics of performance. Provides ability at end of session to share their activity, and 'add photos.' In addition, we have the RAVSTASS Strava Club, which captures onto our own leaderboard, summary of RAVSTASS Strava Athletes. This data is also used in a widget that is included at bottom of our home page.
7. YouTube - RAVSTASS YouTube Channel. We have a playlist for each RAVSTASS Division, and playlists for Tutorials, Gear and Risks. Our Join Us videos are listed here. For developers, we have our Intro Slide Videos. If you are building your own video, we recommend the GoPro app Quick Stories. We also build collaborative project videos on app.sauce

Our video recommendations:  
Orientation = Landscape
Format = .mp4
Normal = 1080 pixels @ 60 frames per second (FPS) where possible
Slow motion = 1080 pixels @ 120 frames per second (FPS) minimum

8. RAVSTASS App - We are developing a future RAVSTASS app via Android Studio. If you are keen to get involved in this project, email us at ravstass@ravstass.com.   

Communications - Social Media Permissions Structure 
The RAVSTASS Social Media Links which are discussed below are accessible at either of these links. www.ravstass.com/pages/links www.ravstass.com/#Join 
1. Facebook Page. As this is our external page and many other channels feed into it, extreme care must be taken, noting that posts are attributed to RAVSTASS rather than the user. Admins = Elected Committee. Editors = Division Directors (not Club Controllers). 
2. Facebook Members Group. The RAVSTASS FB Fan Page is an Admin of the RAVSTASS Facebook Members Group. In addition, the following are also admins. Admins = Elected Committee & Division Directors (not Club Controllers). 
3. Strava ClubAdmins = Elected Committee & Division Directors. 
4. LinkedIn GroupAdmins = Elected Committee. 
5. Facebook Message Threads for Teams. Admins = Coach, Captain, Team Manager, (VP & respective Division Director are Optional). 
7. Other Sites. The following social media accounts do not have an access roles feature, therefore access is limited to the Elected Committee and is via direct issue of logon details by the Secretary.  
- Instagram 
- Twitter  
- Vimeo 
- Pinterest 
- Gmail 
- YouTube (linked to gmail logon) 


Communications - Style Guide 
PANTONE Reflex Blue C 
 RGB 0,20,137 
 HEX #001489 
 CMYK 100%, 87%, 0%, 20% (Pantone) 
 CMYK 100%, 96.26%, 12.52%, 9.54% (Adobe) RGB Preview Mode 
 Embroidery PF368 FuFu 
PANTONE Black 6 C 
 RGB 16,24,32 
 HEX #101820 
 CMYK 100,61,32,96 
 Embroidery PF900 FuFu 

PANTONE 4289 C (Grey) 
 RGB 153,153,152 
 HEX #999998 
 CMYK 37,30,26,6 
 Embroidery PF485 FuFu 

PANTONE 11-0601 TCX Bright White 
 RGB 244,249,255 
 Embroidery PF800 FuFu 

Communications - Templates 
Maintenance of templates is responsibility of the Secretary for internal use by the Committee. The following templates are publicy available for use by members.  
1. Poster - Join RAVSTASS
2. Google Drive - Shared Folder (Logos etc) email ravstass@gmail.com to be added. 
3. YouTube - Intro & Outro branded videos
Further templates are available from the Secretary. 

Communications - Web Development 
- Shopify Logon 
- Shopify Manual & Help Centre 
- Shopify Performance Status 
- Wikipedia Info Boxes 
- Wikipedia Uniform Code 

Creating a RAVSTASS ChapterSub-committees may exist which are closely affiliated with external organisations. As RAVSTASS is an independent association, such sub-committees are created as Chapters. Refer to Rule 6.2(d) for Guidance.

Downloading Membership Data
This process is for use of the RAVSTASS Secretary. 
Pre-requisites, must have admin rights to the RAVSTASS Members Group.
1. Go to this page, and download .zip
2. Also watch the tutorial video.
3. Go to the RAVSTASS Members Member data, click the extension icon. 
4. RAVSTASS Members--Members.csv file will download. 
5. Prefix the file name with todays date YYYY MM DD - RAVSTASS Members--Members.csv.

* Axiom Ai - Browser Automation 
* Tiny Wow - Tools for .pdf/video/images/converters/writing 
Woolfram Alpha - Computational Intelligence 


1. Coding of transactions. Where online transfers are effected, transactions are to be coded, in addition to normal supplier requirements of invoice # etc. 
2. Record Keeping. Invoices, receipts or any other relevant artefacts are to be forwarded to treasurer@ravstass.com.  
3. Banking AssistanceBankSA Business line 133 800. 
4. BSB Searchwww.bsbnumbers.com 

1. Timing. Financial Year ends 30Jun IAW Rule 11.1. (Note that a new coded line item is created for HDWD Vending ending 31May each year, in order that all transactions can be processed in order to close line item prior to EOFY). 
2. Tasks. Complete EOM tasks as per EOM process. 
3. Asset Register Extended Audit. Conducted via members listed as responsible for loan items. Note that these members may be a team manager, and not necessarily the end user. Where items are irretrievable, i.e. permanently lost/damaged, they are to be expensed from the Asset Register and coded against the activity that was the last user. After Asset Register is finalised, copy data to the Asset Register page. 
* Download Banking (.csv) for Financial year. 
* Download Bank Statements (.pdf version) for Financial year. 
* Download Adobe Invoices (.pdf version) for Financial year. 
* Download Shopify Expenditure Invoices (.pdf version) for Financial year. 
* Download any other evidence of recrurring income/expenditure that occurred in Financial year. 
* Screenshot Banking Interest summary screen for Financial year for all bank accounts. 
5. Preliminary Reporting. EOFY data is added to the Balance Sheet & Income Statement. Any explanations are added to the Notes section. 
6. External Audit - Preparation. IAW Privacy principles, review the respective FY Google Drive folder, to remove data columns of customer names, addresses, mobile phone numbers and other identifying private information from downloaded copies of the Online Sales database. 
7. External Audit - Folder Sharing. The Audit Folder for the respective FY only, is then shared on Google Drive, with read-only access. Advise Auditor that the accounts are prepared on a Cash Basis. 
8. External Audit - Conduct. Specific guidance on the Audit requirements,  including responsibilities of the Auditor and RAVSTASS are detailed in the: 
* Associations Incorporation Act 1985 (SA), and 
* Associations Incorporation Regulations 2008 (SA). 
9. External Audit - Report. The External Financial Audit Report, is included as an Enclosure to the AGM Meeting Minutes. 

1. Minus 10 days to EOM. Forward any accrued balance from PayPal into the Incomes account, to zero the PayPal prior to EOM. 
2. Minus 5 days to EOM. Prompt members for purchases on Pre-Order
3. Plus 1 day to EOM: 
* Download Online Sales Data (.csv) 
* Download Online Banking Data (.csv) 
* Add downloaded data to the 'RAVSTASS Finance Reporting'.xls. 
* Copy respective formulas. 
* Code all transactions IAW Coding Instructions
* Review Stock Register and adjust after physical audit and audit of sales database stock quantities. 
* Review Asset Register and adjust (Do not update the Asset Register web page, as this is an EOFY function). 
* Update the Fees page, with payments received in previous month. 
* After all entries have been added and coded, check the Performance Report tab for any 'Error' amounts at top. 
* Adjust the 'Redistributions' column in order to zero HQ activity line items with a surplus, to cover HQ activity items running at a cost. For instance 'Donations' covering 'Postage.' The Redistributions column must have a total value of zero. The future aim, is that HQ items may run an extraordinary surplus, that not only covers all HQ aspects, but allows a surplus to be distributed to the Sports Divisions. A future process will be developed in consultation with Division Directors. 
* Intra-Liabilities. Note that the Intra-Liabilities figure on balance sheet, represents all the Divisional activity line items that are running as a surplus, in order to determine whether sufficient cash is held, should all Divisional line items make a claim against their surplus within same period. HQ surplus' are excluded.
4. EOM Performance Report. The EOM Performance Report is then saved from excel as a .pdf and forwarded on the FB Msg Thread "RAVSTASS EOM Finance Reports (Committee)". 
5. Plus 2 days to EOM: Pre-Order batches are assembled and sent to factory to commence production. Review Pre-Order collection, and remove products not desired to display in the new month.  

Formula = Social Proof + Simple + Scarcity + Urgency + Risk-Free + Bonuses 

1. Requesting Quotes: Various activities require the services of a professional instructor or supplier. To engage a service or supplier, email a request for quote to at least three suppliers in order to get the best price and arrangement. You may choose to email all three on the same email, in order for them to know that they are in direct competition. Or you may choose to be more discrete and email potentially suppliers individually. The following template may assist: 

To: suppliers email addresses (preferably three) 
Cc: treasurer@ravstass.com 

Subject: Request for Quote - RAVSTASS [Description]  
Good afternoon, 
RAVSTASS is an independent multi-sport association. We wish to invite you to respond to a request for quotation please. 
Request quote to provide the following services [detailed list]. 
Delivery of [product/service] is required NLT [insert date].

Request quote be supplied NLT [suggest +7 days]. 
In addition, we would like to invite you to consider becoming a RAVSTASS
 preferred supplier

2. Review Quotes: In consultation with Treasurer, select the best value for money quote. Make booking with selected supplier and advise other suppliers they were not successful at this time. If you consider them a suitable alternative in future, you may invite them to consider becoming a preferred supplier

Commercial Tour Operators (National Parks SA) 

Payments to RAVSTASS Members - Consignments, Supplies & Services 
RAVSTASS members may need to be paid for supplies and services rendered to the Association, including situations where member owned equipment has been hired out on consignment. If the member does not issue an invoice automatically for the supply &/or service, then the Treasurer is to prompt this by emailing the following to the member: 

To: [RAVSTASS member to whom a payment is owed]
Subj: RAVSTASS owes you a payment  
Good afternoon [member name] 
RAVSTASS would like to forward a payment of $____ to you, for  [supply/service/consignment hire]. Please provide the following detail to enable payment by return emailing treasurer@ravstass.com 
BSB: _ _ _ - _ _ _  must be six digits
ACC#: _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ _  max of nine digits
Title: Name your account held in
Remittance Text: CODING - DDMMMYY
email remittance: your email address
If the member does not provide an invoice, then the Treasurer needs to record the transaction by created a Recipient-created tax invoice, and file it with the details of the transaction.
- ABN LookUp 
- Australian Taxation Office (ATO) 
- Business.gov.au 
- Competition & Consumer Act 2010 
- Fair Work Act 2009 
- Rental Agreements 

Payments to RAVSTASS Members - Reimbursements  

RAVSTASS members seeking reimbursement are to email the RAVSTASS Treasurer with their receipt/invoice, description (to enable coding) and bank details to enable reimbursement. Only pre-approved reimbursements that are agreed will be paid. 

To: treasurer@ravstass.com 
Subj: Request for Reimbursement 
Good afternoon Treasurer, 
Please find attached receipt/invoice seeking reimbursement for payment made on behalf of the Association for purpose _____________. 
My bank details are: 
BSB: _ _ _ - _ _ _  must be six digits

ACC#: _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ _  max of nine digits
Title: Name your account held in 
email remittance: your email address 
Accordingly, request reimbursement of $__________, be forwarded to the above detailed account. 
Payments to Suppliers - Invoices 
Suppliers are to email invoices for payment to the Treasurer at treasurer@ravstass.com cc, ravstass@gmail.com. Only pre-approved Invoices will be paid. Our ABN, address and contact details are available here

Receiving Donations
1. Treasurer. Issue Donor with Discount Member Card at no charge. 
Thank you script... "Thank you for your donation. Please find enclosed your RAVSTASS Member Discount Card. As our program grows I hope you enjoy its benefits into the future."
2. Treasurer. Add item to the Asset Register
3. Treasurer. Consider to make available for hire, create product page. 

Receiving Offline Payments 
Where possible all payments should be received through the RAVSTASS website, via purpose built online products in order to catalogue all transactions. Where a payment is required to be collected and this is not practicable, e.g. a cost, or recovery that is not appropriate to be placed online, then an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the RAVSTASS Incomes account should be effected. Avoid where possible collecting cash. If you do collect cash on behalf of a member, then retain the cash yourself and transfer the same amount by EFT into the RAVSTASS Incomes Account. All EFT transfers are to be made into the following account. The description text is to include coding to allocate the revenue appropriately. 

BSB: 105900
ACC#: 202501440
Description: CODING - NAME - REASON 
email remittance: treasurer@ravstass.com

Team Forfeit Notification
Each RAVSTASS Sports team entered in scheduled competitions has a designated Team Manager. This policy is for guidance of the Team Manager. 
In the week prior to scheduled game
 - Team Manager posts reminder of game time to the Team specific Facebook message thread. 
2 days prior - If insufficient players indicates a forfeit may be imminent then team managers is to use the Facebook 'RAVSTASS Basketball Club' message thread to seek other eligible players. Remind any injured players that should they be able to attend in uniform, this can avoid a forfeit and they can be immediate subbed out of game. 
1 day prior - Not later than 11am - If forfeit cannot be avoided, the Team Manager is to send an email to the Association formally advising of forfeit (Note that late notification may increase forfeit fine). 

To: Relevant Association 
cc: ravstass@gmail.com treasurer@ravstass.com 
Subj: Notification of Team Forfeit - RAVSTASS 
Good morning, 
Regrettably RAVSTASS [insert team name and grade], are lacking sufficient players for game on [insert date and time of game]; and accordingly advise of need to forfeit the scheduled game. 

1 day after Forfeit - Team Manager is to advise RAVSTASS Treasurer, who will create a payment option on the RAVSTASS website for players to pay their share of the forfeit fine. Treasurer will provide payment link to the Team Manager.